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EOS ChainClub was founded by ChainClub, a professional blockchain learning community with more than 10,000 members worldwide. We aim to link everyone in the community with education and incubation. Our goal is to build an EOS Super University and enable everyone to contribute to the EOS ecosystem.

Node Statistics

EOS ChainClub believes a distributed deployment of EOS node servers is crucial to the whole network’s robustness and safety. Therefore, after observing the current node distributions, we have decided to allocate our servers in regions with fewer candidates, such as Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Number of Node Regions
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Incubated Projects


Social Game on EOS

Confirm the ownership of knowledge and relationship on blockchain. Cooperate more effectively through tokens.


Real Estate Data Sharing on EOS

Allow real estate data to be shared more equally. Build a healthy 2nd-hand housing trading market.


Gambling Game on EOS

Use blockchain to ensure the fairness and openness of the gambling. EOS can guarantee the smoothness of the game. 



ChainClub was Founded

Jan 2017

Course "EOS: From Beginner to Expert"

Dec 2017

BP Election

May 2018

Testnet Online

May 2018

Node Upgrade Plan

May 2018

Mainnet Online

June 2018
Jan 2017

ChainClub was Founded

ChainClub was founded in Jan 2017. It is the first community that offers systematic courses in blockchain fundamental theories, source code study and EOS technologies. Till today, more than 10,000 EOS fans and developers have joined us.

We have incubated many EOS projects since day one, such as social game, real estate data sharing, gambling platform and so on. With the launch of EOS mainnet, we will keep providing the best service and support in helping the developers in the world to develop the best Dapps on EOS.

Dec 2017

Launch Course "EOS: From Beginner to Expert"

Wang Ju, ChainClub's community member launched the course "EOS: From Beginner to Expert" and has more than 10,000 subscribers in Qianlian (千聊).

May 2018

ChainClub will Participate in EOS Block Producer Election

Higer will represent ChainClub to participate in EOS Block Producer election.

May 2018

Testnet Online

Wang Ju led the IT team and finished setting up EOS testnet.

May 2018

Node Upgrade Plan Revealed

Test Environment:
c5.2xlarge/8 cores/16GiB Meory/1TB SSD
Cost: $5,268 / yr

Initial Stage:
m4.16xlarge/64 cores/256GiB Meory/25TB SSD
Cost: $71,904 / yr

2nd Stage:
x1.32xlarge/128 cores/1952GiB Meory/50TB SSD
Cost: $243,155 / yr

June 2018

Mainnet Online

We will launch the mainnet with all EOS block producers.


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